The Dwarf Lily Post

by Dave 1. July 2010 20:08

I’ve been taking care of Dwarf Lilies(Nuphar Stellata) for about 4 years and haven’t been really taking pictures and observing them as of late, so I thought it’s high time I do. I rarely find them being sold over here in Iloilo anymore so they’re quite a commodity among aquarists.

My first three lily bulbs died out quite some time ago and before getting new ones, I’ve been growing the plants from sprouted crowns from the main bulb. To some extent, some of them even developed their own bulbs, although not as big as the original bulbs where they sprouted from.

IMG_1963 A not so visible bulb covered by two crowns, recently bought by Lind from Bacolod.

IMG_1964 My big mother bulb, have had this thing for around 3 years, not so sure. Got this at Php 250 (around $5) via Jerome. After growing 4 plants from this thing, it went dormant for a year and then after I checked on it a month ago, look at the number of crowns sprouting from it. Notice the presence of algae as this bulb was kept inside my plant grow-out tank.

IMG_1973 Replanting the new bulb on an old plastic coke bottle bottom with a mix of gravel and some laterite. Rooting plants love that muddy stuff.

IMG_2137After a few weeks in the styro container (which currently serves as another plant growout tank), and a lot of sun, growth has been at a fast rate with lots of leaves going up to the surface.

IMG_2135  This is the big mother bulb, with also lots of leaves, after removing it from the sunny growout tank to the shaded styro tank.

IMG_2136 Another look at the mother bulb after placing it in the shaded styro tank. Note that before the sun exposure, the leaves were showing signs that they were of a tiger lotus. Not they’re just plain green.

IMG_2139 A closer look at the green leaves of the mother lily bulb.

IMG_2138 These leaves are from the new, smaller lily bulb, showing shades of red and brown.

IMG_2140 A look at the down side of the green leaves, see the big difference in color.

IMG_2141 The down side of the brown-red leaves.

IMG_2146 This leaf is from the original plants that sprouted from the big mother bulb about a year and a half ago. The only survivor of the batch before the bulb went dormant. Definitely tiger lotus.

IMG_2147 More pics of the leaves. Different shades of brown and green, and also a green cabomba (Cabomba caroliniana) and Vallisneria.

IMG_2148 A smaller sized leaf from a different lotus plant in the same tank.

More pics to come after I untangle and replant the new sprouts from the big mother bulb.

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7/1/2010 10:05:58 PM #


Neat Smile

dang Finland

7/4/2010 4:40:57 PM #


nice shots and awesome lilies. Smile

lipsore_618 Republic of the Philippines

7/5/2010 12:35:52 AM #


Fascinating. Smile like the new blog Smile

zee Republic of the Philippines

7/5/2010 5:00:11 PM #

Burton Haynes

Would it be possible for you to email me a few more details on this?

Burton Haynes United States

7/6/2010 1:25:53 AM #


thanks guys! more post to come lol

`wyldKard Republic of the Philippines

5/16/2011 1:01:38 AM #


Another kind of Lily

Another kind of Lily

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