Flowerhorn Festival!!

by Dave 16. May 2011 00:34

Got a chance to pass by SM City today (thanks for the tip @zemper and @agimat) and had a good time watching the colorful display of different species of Flower Horns.

Kudos goes to the Iloilo Flowerhorn Society for putting up this exhibit. It’s always great to see fellow fish keepers showing the pride and joy of their collections, and a great way to get other people interested with the hobby!

And now without further ado, the snaps of today’s fish field trip.


A very brightly colored small Thaizz (Did i get the name right?). This little guy was as energetic as it can be, responding well to hand gestures from the people taking its picture. Feeding time you think?


A larg Thaizz: we had quite some time trying to get him to show his sides before finally taking this shot. Nice fish tank stand by the way.


Two thaizz’s side by side. 


I forgot this guy’s species name but he had a really great coloring. Sure hope the stress of the display wouldn’t get to him. 


Correct me if I’m wrong… KAMFA?


A large Thasilk Kamfa with the attitude lol.


This large australian green arowana reminds me of the 14” aro I lost a month ago. 


Monster fish spotted! I know the exhibit was about flowerhorns, but as a monster fish keeper myself, I had to give homage to the big boys.


A closer shot shows 2 alligator gars and an albino pangassius catfish. The catfish is a rare sight so I really enjoyed watching it swim around the tank.


Good to see a lot of kids are interested with the hobby. There were also some bettas, goldfish and koi on display.

I’m looking forward to more fish exhibits this year so bring on the fish tanks! Sure hope I could join and show off my bichirs as well! Happy fish keeping!

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Spotted gars photo op

by Dave 14. July 2010 04:55

Here are some pics (courtesy of my friend Apol) of my new Spotted Gars (Lepisosteus oculatus).  Spotted gars are members of the family Lepisosteidae, and are native to North America. They are noted for being one of the fish species who have ganoid scales, just like the bichirs.

Have had this pair of gars for around 2-3 weeks as of this picture, and got them super cheap from Bacolod. Over here they are labeled as alligator gars, and are price between 3-4 times the price that I paid for them. They are about 6”-"7” and hopefully with a good supply of feeder fish, they’ll grow into a good sized pair of monsters.

DSC_4098 Here’s a front view shot of the little torpedo, and the tail of my ornate bichir can also be seen at the lower part.

DSC_4099 A quick shot as it turned to its side.

DSC_4100 Swimming around the surface of the water as they are most known to do, and also with one of my tiger oscars,. The gars love that part of the tank with my long Vallisnerias.

DSC_4102 Here it is again, patrolling the corner with the Vals.

DSC_4103 Port side photo!

As an end note, although some gars aren’t very good community tank fish, so far there has been no fights between my gars and their tank mates. Everyone is being well fed so hopefully tempers are at the minimum.


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